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Our detailed process is a proven successful formula. We welcome discussing in detail.


Initiating Search

A smooth and successful hire is the result of a well-established & coordinated strategy executed through an interactive & targeted process with a mutual commitment to making the addition of an impact person a priority.

The process begins with NLC meeting with the client management team to develop a strategy and mutually agreed upon approach.

• Letter of Agreement signed to initiate search.

• NLC fee is agreed upon based on job description & salary range.

An in-depth job description is development that represents the criteria for the ideal candidate.

• Salary range for position is provided.

• Candidates & companies to contact and those not to contact are listed.

• How NLC may best market/sell the role and the company in the industry.

1 Week
STEP 2 Strategic Targeted Search
Leaders in the industry are identified and approached.

• Candidates are approached using the “NLC Methodology” focused on a respectful, honest, discrete and professional approach.

• Every qualified candidate is personally interviewed by NLC.

• Comprehensive interviewing of qualified candidates and detailed notes sent to client.

Feedback to NLC regarding submitted candidates to ensure NLC is identifying the right candidates and “fit” for the role.

• Provide dates/times for interviews along with any pertinent information and possible issues candidates should be prepared to address.

1-4 Week
STEP 3 Client Interview
NLC discusses compensation expectations and motivation with selected candidates to ensure each is sincere in their interest and in the range established in Step 1.

• Candidates are prepared and interviews scheduled.

• NLC provides prompt “candidate

Momentum is a key component during a recruitment search. If a candidate is of interest, prompt feedback to NLC and direction regarding next steps is essential.

• Give detailed feedback to NLC on interviews and if NLC is to organize second or any final interviews.

1-3 Week
STEP 4 Reference checks, Presentation of Offer and Counter Offers
NLC contacts the references (established by NLC and client) for meaningful, truthful and relevant insight. NLC conducts its standard questionnaire along with specific questions requested by the client.

• Verbal/Written presentation of the offer is made to the candidate.

• The candidate is coached on resigning and educated on the dangers of the “counter offer”.

• Offer acceptance and delivery of signed contract.

After an exhaustive search, the ideal candidate has been identified, references positive. Details of an offer are “verbally” communicated to NLC.

• Once there is a “verbal acceptance” the client is responsible for preparation of a formal Offer of Employment to be sent to NLC.

• NLC confirms acceptance and sends signed contract.

up to 1 week
STEP 5 Transition
NLC continues to communicate with the placed candidate prior to the start date and for several months after.

• We alert the client to any possible concerns or issues.

• Invoice issued.

NLC has built our practice on placing long-term candidates. You receive a guarantee as identified in the Letter of Agreement.

• NLC payment processed.

3-4 Week
STEP 6 Testimonial
NLC differentiates our services based on what “others” say about their experience, not what we say. Testimonials from clients and candidates are our most powerful marketing tool. We post comments proudly on the website. NLC testimonial.

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