Interview Hints and Tips

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Although engaged by the client, NLC takes a sincere interest in every candidate to ensure that you present yourselves at your best.

Before any of our candidates meet with a client, we have established that you have:

  • - The education required for the role;
  • - Prior relevant experience that adds value;
  • - The technical skill set required;
  • - Indicated that you are open to new opportunities;
  • - Compensation expectations are in line with the position.

In most cases, clients will meet 3-5 people for each role, all qualified based on the criteria. How will you stand out?

Preparation is key. Before your interview, we strongly suggest that you:

  • - Review the client website. Have a full understanding of what they do, the area(s) they specialize, what makes them unique in the market place, who their clients are and who their competitors are.
  • - Review the job description and beside each point, write down where you have experience for each point. Then, write down one success story that would differentiate you from other potential candidates for each point.
  • - Review each success story and note 3 that would be ideal to discuss with the client and clearly illustrates not only how you fit the role, but how you have been successful.

Practice saying your success stories out loud. This simply brings relevant information top-of-mind for your meeting.

To be the one candidate that stands out and receives an offer, you ultimately must:

  • - In one hour, effectively communicate where you will add value to the organization;
  • - Discuss your experience and success with examples for the critical items in the job description;
  • - Confirm for yourself that the role, company and management represent a great move forward in your career growth.

In order to best represent you, we request that you contact us within an hour of an interview. We contact our clients within 2 hours of meeting you to ensure timely feedback.

And, have fun!

Your Success is our Success.

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