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To best assist our clients and candidates, NLC Recruiting recommends a consistent resume format. Our goal is to present our candidates’ qualifications, experience and achievements in the best possible light in a format that is efficient for our hiring managers to review. The best indicator of someone’s future success is their past performance. A clear, accurate and honest resume is the first step in our process to find the right fit.

The NLC Recruiting resume format has proven to be successful in helping to differentiate candidates we represent from the many resumes companies receive. Most hiring manager’s view resumes very quickly. Our goal is to ensure that your success and applicability for the role is easily ascertained.

This is not a time to be humble, nor is it a time to be vague or evasive. Lack of information or detail such as employment or graduation dates are a “red flag”. Specifics in terms of dates, quotas, attainment, successes, awards, levels of responsibility and longevity are what most employers will focus on.

Your resume needs to be clear and easy to view electronically. Below is a sample format that we highly recommend you follow.

Resume Example



Phone Cell email


Include a Profile located under your contact information. The profile should be between 1-4 (brief) sentences highlighting you background and future objectives.

Current Employer, Location Date started – Present
Brief statement regarding the company profile and corporate website link for ease of review.

· A chronological resume beginning with your most recent position. Employment dates must be included in the right margin of the page for easy viewing.

· It is not important to keep electronic resumes to 1 or 2 pages, but it is important that each bullet item is relevant and represents new information.

· Use Arial or plain formatting. Avoid too many BOLD or Italic statements.

· Use a hyperlink such as when listing the company name to allow the employer a fast way of educating themselves on the company. If your corporate bio is on the company website, a link to that page might be useful as supplemental information to the cv.

· Be specific regarding contributions, achievements and successes. List quotas and attainments and any successes that would have you stand out from anyone else doing the same job. A lot of people can do a job. Our clients are looking for those that do it well.

Company, Location Location Date started – Date Ended
Brief statement regarding the company profile and corporate website link for ease of review.

· Ensure you edit the information to have it relevant to specific opportunity.

· Never misrepresent any aspect of your work history or experience. It will be discovered during references.


University, Location, date graduated

· The general thought is if you are a relatively new graduate, list your education at the top of your resume as this is your most marketable asset. If you have 3-5 ++ years of experience, it is recommended that your education be listed at the back. Also adding a link to the program details can be helpful.

Designations and Accomplishments

· Be sure to mention any designations that you have earned, as well as involvement with professional associations. Relevant volunteer accomplishments are also noteworthy.


· Most employers like to read about interests as it gives them some insight into the personality of the candidate. Interests should be “current” and you should be prepared to discuss each in detail if asked.
· Typically what employers are looking for is examples that indicate you are a team player, physically fit, high energy, well rounded and a potential leader.

References available upon request.

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